• Sourcing

    We offer pragmatic and innovative end to end sourcing and consulting solutions.

  • Logistics

    Add Value to your deals getting best quotes for your logistics and warehousing needs.

  • Operations

    We handle the complete operations from Negotiation to follow up with Suppliers

  • Marketing

    We place your products in the Market and secure best deals and Regular orders

  • Market Analysis

    Analyse , Decide and Execute to take leverage of the Indutry trends

Business development services to foreign companies.

Our efforts for total customer satisfaction are driven by principles of ethical business approach, respect & dignity for individuals and concern for environment & society at large. We make progressive use of technology to achieve functional excellence in our work and create sustainable value for our clients.

We help your company enter the Indian market and grow your business in the long term.

We offer business development services to foreign companies from Middle east, Europe and Asia. We help you find new customers through customized marketing strategies. With over 5 years experience in the market we are the ideal partner to grow your business in India.

Being a fast growing sourcing firm we invite business partners from all major Industrial Townships in India and across the globe.

Magships Cooperation

Marketing Indian Products in overseas Market

The stage is set for Indian companies to emerge as players of relevance in a large number of industries globally.
Brand, local knowledge, and distribution reach are important for success when a company deals with retail or individual customers overseas. Companies can take leverage of our association in the Global market to place their products.
Magships concentrates on helping organizations to grow and develop new and existing markets. Our focus area include both local and exports markets, and is done through market research and facilitating more effective marketing planning.
Our mission is to improve business performance, increase the impact of marketing management and enhance the competitiveness of Indian enterprises.
We provide a range of business services tailor designed to your particular needs. With years of experience in export marketing, market research, competitive intelligence, competitive assessments and facilitation of business and marketing plans, you need not look any further for expert advice to grow your business. 

Our Services

Outsourcing your purchasing or sales activities ?

Q: Why should you consider such an option ?
A: Because it is cost effective !

No two companies are exactly the same.

Selling or buying chemicals is always a little complicated because getting the deal done is rarely simple.

If you are a buyer familiar with international customs, shipping options, taxes options, transport options, banking and payment options etc. – you are employing someone.

If you are a manufacturer of a few or many chemical products you should be familiar with the world markets.

There are 192 of them, speaking some 6,800 languages. They all buy their products according to local preferences. If you really have that worldwide experience in your marketing department – you are employing someone.

That someone, to whatever degree of proficiency, could possibly be doing something else more profitable – or to be blunt – we can do it better & cheaper because we are experts in worldwide chemical trades.

Please contact us for an informal discussion of your actual needs – needless to say we don’t get paid if you are not satisfied.

Indenting & Marketing
Organic, Inorganic , Acids, Specialty chemicals
Oil & Lubricants
Oil & Lubricants
Indenting & Marketing
Oil & Lubricants
Machinery Lubes, Rubber Industry,Base Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Rubber Process Oil
Agri Products
Agri Products
Indenting & Marketing
Agri Products
Rice, Honey, Coconut water, Peas
LED Lightings
LED Lightings
Importers and Traders
LED Lightings
Panel Lights , Flood Lights - Square Round, various wattage

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